Retro Attractive Decurban was started by us, a mom & dad with a passion for the interiors industry. With 40 years combined of commercial & residential interiors experience, we felt we had to chase our dream. “Create jobs & opportunities for parents in our community by providing trendy home & office décor, affordably”.

That’s the dream. Both Dominic & I, have worked all our lives serving those in transition, both commercial and residential. Whether we were moving people into new offices, homes, apartments or selling them furniture, flooring, paint, window treatments, wallpaper or design services, we always focused on communicating and exceeding expectations.

Dominic, being a certified moving contractor in Chicago for the past 22 years understands the steps of home & office relocation. He was tired of the same mistakes he would see homeowners or office/project managers make with their first relocations. He decided starting his own service company to provide the finest delivery & installation of home & office furniture would ensure his customers received the best service and resources to educate them during this strenuous time.

Jeanine Raddatz (yours truly) came from the sales side of commercial & residential furniture has had a passion for home & office décor for the past 20 years. I have always strived to provide value driven solutions to my clients by hearing what their true needs are. I am specialized in value engineering furniture projects for commercial and residential relocations within tight time frames.

Having no experience with starting a company, funding to get it going, or a proper business plan, we start this journey into where we are today.


03/19 – Retro Attractive Decurban was born. LLC formed and business license acquired.

06/19 Jeanine spends a bunch of money buying fabrics and zippers to make pillows.

08/19 Jeanine spends a bunch of money having pillows made that she hasn’t sold yet.


Whoa, excuse me? That’s what it’s like when a man who cares more about service than pretty performance fabrics or looks tries to break down our milestones. Let me give you the tea on how it all really went down.

TIMELINE (for real)

02/19 I say to myself, “I should take my passion for creating products and start my own company”. Who can I drag along for this ride?

03/19 Dominic agrees to finance the operation as long as he can run the service side of the company. Retro Attractive Decurban, LLC. is formed and licensed.

05/19 877.RAD.URBN phone created. Other virtual real estate (Social Media, Websites, etc.) associated with Retro Attractive Decurban, LLC. acquired.

06/19 After months of searching for quality performance fabrics at wholesale prices I found a company I  loved. I worked a deal with them to buy fabrics at low prices in bulk. I created various pillow covers based off of that years color trends. Some of these designs are way beyond their years. Once humans evolve these will sell, just watch and see.

07/19 I say to myself after selling “0” pillows, “hmmm, I should sell custom pillows with designer fabrics”. “Yeah, Yeah”. “I will buy a bunch of small increments of expensive AF fabric to mock up 1 pillow of each design and sell it as an option on my website to build your own pillows”. “Therefore if I cannot execute the idea virtually based off limited technical skills to allow customers to pick various components of a pillow without it looking clunky AF, I get to have 1 of each of these pillows to look at until I figure it out. Oh joy.”

08/19 I found a local upholstery shop and agreed to a fair price to sew my overly ambitious ideas.

08/19 I decide I need a tag on my pillows, so I use my extensive skills of graphic design to create a n award winning logo. (totally kidding on that extensive & award-winning part if you didn’t catch the sarcasm there).

09/19 Spring 2019 Pillows were completed with my custom captivating logo tags.

10/19 Facebook shop launched with my extensive graphic design skills to save the day, yet again.

11/19 Website Launched with Shopify. decurban.com without build your own feature because it does not look or operate efficiently. First sale made. (to a friend but it still counts)

12/19 second sale made! (to family, but it still counts)

02/20 paid 1 million dollars to someone working in a basement in India (fiverr) to create a new logo. (just kidding, it was 2 million)

03/20 new logo launched

04/20 decided I should order some business cards

05/20 after seeing my new world designed pillows weren’t selling, I went back to the drawing board and ordered some more trendy performance fabrics.

06/20 Ordered new tags for Spring 2020 pillows. Partnered with new furniture manufacturers to add bedding & furniture offerings.

07/20 First pillows of Spring 2020 completed. Updated decurban.com with my extensive web & graphic design skills to reflect new products.

09/20 After still not getting the proper sales to cover all of the overhead I was accumulating I had to shelf this dream.

10/20 - 03/21 Worked BS jobs while analyzing my reports of past data. Seeing the errors of my ways (maybe, maybe) I decided to try again.

04/21 Revamped initial ideas of pillow covering coordinating with Pantone colors and focused on softness. "The Soft Home Collection" was born.

First it's the lettuce, next it's the fries...

That’s where we are. We just completed our latest partnerships with manufacturers and service companies to become your one stop shop for all your home & office décor needs. Now that I have business cards, a fancy website with pretty pictures, service crews to deliver and install in Chicagoland and implementation processes in place, it’s time to hit the streets to sell some deals. Then we can recruit more salespeople to help grow this baby. It’s all baby steps.


We are young parents who love this industry. We just want to provide quality décor with exceptional service for your home or office, affordably. We don’t know what we don’t know so we are learning as we go. We appreciate each and every one of you who have helped us along the way in our journey and look forward to growing this together. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

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