About Us

Retro Attractive Decurban was started by Jeanine Raddatz & Dominic Negron. A mother & father team, of three children. You see in today's age, many parents started young and as they may not be together as husband and wife they are still together as parents, as business partners. You see, Jeanine will not let go of her dreams of selling furniture and Nick is determined to get Jeanine selling something so he can stop paying for her efforts. True story.

Even though she has more than proved herself as an excellent salesperson of furniture, she was never afforded the luxury as many others due to her “lack of being submissive, lady like, and her problems with authority, or as they call it her attitude problem”. That has never taken away from her ability to hear her customers and strive to make sure they have the best experience they possibly can. She was tired of fighting for fair wages or treatment. Tired of being judged by crap bosses all the time in order to do right by the customer.  She decided to try things her own way. Without any experience with building a company, Jeanine went to the only person she could, her children’s father. Nick hasn’t been having as jolly of an ole’ time figuring out the best way to get this business going as Jeanine has, but that’s OK.

Jeanine researched the best places to buy fabric. The best places to have items upholstered. The best practices with packaging, shipping, and fulfillment. As she has stumbled through launching this deal, she has learned tons of things to and not to do. She has lost friends. Lost family. She has made bad business decisions. Wasted time and money on poor investments out of ignorance. That doesn’t stop her.

We are determined to get our products out there. Get up and running to be able to provide fair opportunity to those like us. Those who are self-taught. Those who are sick of being judged for living and learning through trial and error. Tired of being judged for coming up poor, or as many call it “ghetto”.  Those willing to work hard for a fair shot. To be paid fairly. To be willing to walk away from anyone unsupportive of their dreams and goals. Those able to laugh at their mistakes or shortcomings.

We are about our community. About helping young moms and dads provide for their children. We don’t feel employees should have to beg for wages or respect. Beg for opportunity that is given freely to those who work and know less but have fancy degrees or new clothes. We aren’t afraid of mistakes, all we care about is effort. About ideas. About effort to apply or communicate the application of those ideas.

That’s why our products are for Urbans, and they are made by Urbans. We will take this long road, up the snow-covered hill, barefoot, being threatened with homelessness, jail, have rumors spread, or smear campaigns endorsed by fake friends and family for a quick buck. We will not falter. We will not stop. We will gain our freedom, and finally help others to gain the same. No, we aren’t looking to become millionaires on the back of our employees. We want us all to get there, together. This is how we do it. The only way we can, is together. We hope you support our dream and our mission of helping young parents become financially independent doing what they love by loving what we love. Urban Décor created by Urbans.