Here are some frequently asked questions.


Question: Are your pillow covers machine washable?

Answer: Our pillow covers have a mix of fabrics and each fabric has it's own fabric care codes published on it's product page(s). Some fabrics can be machine washed, some cannot. Seeing all of our products have been selected based off of their stain, soil, and spill resistant or repellent qualities we recommend spot cleaning only. Washing these fabrics can reduce their stain, soil, and spill resistant properties so we urge that you pay close attention to each fabrics care instructions. You can find a breakdown of fabric care and codes here


Question: How long does it take to receive my order after it is placed?

Answer:  That depends on the product. The Closeout Collection products ship within 48 working hours. The Pillow Inserts are delivered to our facility weekly, so depending on when your order is placed, these can ship anywhere from 1-2 weeks from time of order. The made to order pillows take 2-4 weeks from date of order to shipped. You can read about our shipping information here


Question: What styles inspire your products?

Answer: So many! We ♥️ Boho, Memphis Design, Maximalist, Classicism, Minimalism, just to name a few. You know, retro but attractive...decor for urbans.