2020 Interior Design Trends

The trends of home & office décor are always changing, and it is a full-time job to stay au courant with all the latest products, manufacturers, designers, etc. We figured why not pull together the best resources that speak on latest trends with interior color, style, & decor? Before we get into that we need to understand where it all started. It all starts deep down in a basement somewhere where the folks at Pantone conceptualize which colors will trend next year. We have the tea on how Pantone can pull off this sorcery every year, but we ain’t one to gossip so you didn’t hear it from us.



Spring & Summer colors where truly on display at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) and how they have trickled to the design industry have interior designers in awe everywhere.  These (16) colors have inspired furniture manufacturers to step out of their comfort zones and embrace bold colors and empowering neutrals in a whole new way.

Pantone 2020 Color Trends | flame scarlet, saffron, classic blue, biscay greenPantone 2020 Color Trends | chive, faded denim, orange peel, mosaic bluePantone 2020 Color Trends | sunlight, coral pink, cinnamon stick, grape compotePantone 2020 Color Trends | lark, navy blazer, brilliant white, ash


Images from Pantone 2020 NYFW Spring & Summer (link above)


Now that you know what colors are in for this year, let’s review how you can put them together to create amazing palettes.

2020 Color trends inspiration showing all of the years colors and how they work together.

This nifty image courtesy of shutter shock does an excellent job of showing how you can use a trendy color and make it work with others. The top image of each column shows main color while the below images are it's popular counter parts. These are just some quick ideas of color trends, if you need some real help on color theory and nomenclature check out or blog post, “How To Select Finishes That Work Well Together Guide”. It's just simple tips and tricks of learning how colors work together. When it comes to looking for awesome inspiration for color schemes the paint industry has great resources. 


The three main paint players Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, & Behr all have amazing ideas for color schemes. We are bias we must admit and say that we are most experienced with Benjamin Moore as we were once young paint tinting, wall paper slinging whipper schnappers at a BJM store. Their color of the year  First Light 2102-70 is a perfect complement to Pantone's color of the year Classic Blue 19-4052. They made an awesome video that we utilize for inspiration ourselves. 


 Video and more information can be found by reading their post about, "Color Trends & Color of the year" . Even though we are huge fans of Benjamin Moore we cannot deny Sherwin Wiliams or Behrs pieces on color trends. 

Sherwin Williams Colormix Color Master Palette is an also an amazing tool you can use for visualization purposes. These 45 colors that were spun into 5 welcoming and intuitive palettes alive, mantra, play, haven & heart. Another great resource for palette inspiration. As both BJM and Sherwin Williams are great we cannot forget about Behr's amazing resources. 


Behr's color of the year, "Back To Nature S340-4" is clam, gracious, and balanced that is versatile in every way. Read more about it and their 2020 trends here. We picked up an awesome idea with accenting wainscoting with contemporary paint techniques and colors. 

The full piece with step by step instructions can be found on Behrs website here. 

Had it with trends & idea's? I hope not because the best is yet to come with the piece from Elle Decor on, "The Design Trends That Are IN & Out in 2020" .

58 trends that are IN & Out, and we are glad someone finally said something about some of these. We put together some of our favorites in a quick video that allows you to quickly adjust your decor plans for the remainder of the year. 

With all this new found knowledge of color trends, paint colors, and decor In's & Out's what are you going to do with your future home & office decor projects? 


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