June Overview, Product & Website Updates

Spring has been a busy time for all of us to get our homes in order. We have been updating our products, processes and resources while planning for our futures. Let us review what has happened thus far this year.

Launched our 2020 Collection of pillow covers, coasters and holders from Retro Attractive Decurban. Some covers are complete and ready to sell while the others are in production. 

Stone Collection- Pillow covers focused on grays, beiges, pinks, yellows, reds, and oranges. All the colors found in natural minerals while using the softest performance fabrics available.

Image by: RAD Photographer showcasing Grellowstone, Yellowstone, & Graystone pillow covers manufactured by Retro Attractive Decurban. 

Classic Blues Collection- Pillow covers focused on the trendy hues of blue which are inspired by the best blues singers. All utilize performance fabrics are built to last without sacrificing softness and comfort.

Coasters & Coaster Holders- Fabric coasters with wooden holders. Reversible coasters allow you to bring style into your home while using eco friendly products.

Décor should last. Products created by Retro Attractive Decurban are reversible, stain, soil, and spill resistant and most are machine washable.


After doing that we realized that we need a larger, more diversified product portfolio. We partnered up with other manufacturers of residential & commercial furniture to ensure we have trendy options at affordable prices. Seeing our focus lately is on home décor we started there. Looking for products that went along with our values of high-quality at affordable price points we found and added some bedding options.


With neutral palettes and boho chic being in such high demand we created the “Textures Collection”. A collection of products that are knitted, woven, and embroidered to make any living space or bedroom cozy, trendy, and inviting.

decurban.com Textures | knitted, woven, and embroidered collection showing knitted, woven, and embroidered affordable home decor products in neutral colors.

These additional products made us realize how it just makes sense to be a source in Chicagoland that offers layering of product types of retro & traditional. It made us begin to work on the web stores navigation.

Our customers said it makes sense to shop by room type, so that is how we laid out the store. Shop for @home or @work décor. @work décor is “coming soon” as that is a whole different animal when it comes to implementing projects. We are not there yet, but we have big plans when we get there. As we said, our  focus is affordable room décor and decorations, for now. Watch this short video that gives a brief walk through of the shops latest updates. 

Home Decor options include furnishings for your living room, bedroom, lighting, or organization.

decurban.com living room affordable home decor with modern living room setting with barcelona chair , gray yellow accentsdecurban.com affordable home decor bedroom options show a modern bedroom with yellow and gray trendy decor

Living Room options include pillows, tables, lighting, & accessories

Bedroom options include pillows, bedding, furniture, accessories & accents

decurban.com pillow options of pillow covers, throw pillows, or inserts for affordable pricesdecurban.com bedding selection with modern black, white, and yellow floral bedding with knitted gray throw blanket

Bedding options Include comforter sets, sheets, blankets & quilts, Pillows

decurban.com comforter set options of luxurious sets at affordable prices. Showing a blue and white plaid luxurious cotton comforter set called downtowndecurban.com bedroom decor bedding sheets in a trendy shade of teal.

We chip away at the website daily to add products and tweak links. Send us feedback on how you like the shops navigation or other products you want to see.


What is next? Next is establishing more relationships with customers, vendors, and value-added service providers to ensure they are aware of the trendy home & office décor we offer at affordable prices. Kidding. Next, we are launching products for your dining rooms and gaming areas. 


We will see you soon!


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